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Client Emmanuel Djob
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Emmanuel DJOB PI is an authentic Prince NdogSul Bassa, from Cameroon. His voice was forged in the fire of African American Gospel, style in which he won the recognition and respect of his peers.  Born in the mid-60s in Dibang, tiny village of Cameroonian rainforest. Emmanuel became interested in music at the age of 5 years: those that mark the most will be the Afro-American music, South African and Ghanaian high-life, every sip of subtle harmonies of history and especially the fighting spirit.

Two years later, he discovered the guitar he learned to play alone, as later keyboards. The song definitely come into his life at the age of twelve, when his parents enrolled him in the church choir, fantastic music school and life. A kind of Conservatory “on the job”, where he will learn singing, gestures, interpreting, harmony, composition, choral conducting, managing individuals.

Adolescence is the time to small bands with friends; essentially vocal quartets, male. With university years, the encounter with the music of Fela Kuti and Bob Marley, and a more precise form of political consciousness that is born in him the desire for a pan-African music, which also incorporates the experience and the sound of African American Gospel. The meeting with others from African students to pursue their studies in Yaounde will give birth to Bayembi’s International. The voluntary exile studies in France, reinforces the idea of a conscious and committed artistic expression. His experimentation going on, once again, as part of a vocal group he created with Cameroonian and French singers in 1986, called Black & White Quartet which later became Black & White Gospel Singers, and early 21st century avant-garde Black & White Xperience.