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Hayde Bluegrass Orchestra is an eight member strong band from Norway consisting of fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, dobro and upright bass, and additionally they have the somewhat unconventional bluegrass instrument accordion with them. And of course lots of vocal harmonies. Their indie bluegrass is a mix between Anglo-Saxon folk, American “Appalachian” old time music and Norwegian folklore.

The band is finally, after over 3,6 million plays on Youtube, about to release their debut album “Migrants” which is being mastered by the over 80 Grammy nominee engineer David Glasser.

Rebekka Nilsson – vocals, autoharp
Joakim Borgen – vocals, mandolin
Ole André Enggrav – guitar
Moa Meinich – fiddle
David Buverud – upright bass
Emil Brattestad – dobro
Magnus Lund Eriksrud – banjo
Sjur Marqvardsen – accordion