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The blues as it should be played… delicate, intimate, personal. Roland Tchakounte, a very personable blues man from Cameroon, encompasses both the despair and hope, promise in his soul-wrenching music. The words are in his native language but the meaningpervades his sounds. He artfully blends both bass and sharp notes to make one feel theessence of his music.

A very fine musician who fell under the influence of John Lee Hooker, Roland conveys his life experiences through his music. Warm, melodious, foot-stomping, he directly caresses his guitar strings in a masterful variation of colors.

The tone of his voice makes a perfect marriage with his gripping guitar playing. Surrounded by two other compelling musicians on guitar and percussion, Roland played to an extremely appreciative audience that made for a memorable evening. If you are a blues fan, this man is an absolute must because his guitar and voice interpretations leave one feeling very moved, introspective yet happy. I highly recommend this musician.