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Born in Bamako (Mali), Baba Sissoko is the undisputed master of tamani (the original talking drum), that he started to play when he was a child (thanks to the teaching of his grand-father Djeli Baba Sissoko). Baba Sissoko plays also ngoni, kamalengoni, guitar, balaphon, calebasse, sildrum and… he sings! He is from a great and ancient dynasty of griots from Mali. A unique show with strong blues hues, in which tradition compares and blends with the rhythms of Afro-American music with peaks of Afro Beat, Funk and Psychedelia.

Mediterranean Blues, is a clear indication of course: the powerful and bitter voice of Baba Sissoko, the upbeat beat as in the Afro-American notes (re)started from Jamaica, a deadly assist of mouth harmonics pouring generous blues spices over the whole, an enchanting flow.

Each piece of his repertoire has the second word “Blues” as a second word: there are imposing climaxes, grooves, the savoury funk, the bewitching splendor of the pentatonic that with five notes paint impressive landscapes of the soul.

Baba Sissoko – Ngoni, Tama, Vocal
Erick Yanou – Electric Bass, Vocal
Ady Thioune – Djembe,Percussion Vocal
Eric Cisbani – Drums
Angelo Napoli – Guitar
Alessandro De Marino – Clarinet, Keyboard
Domenico Canale – Harmonica, Violin, Vocal