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“AfroSoull Gang is like the soul music of Memphis meeting the balafons from the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa in Europe.”

Music of dance, trance, battle and incantations – the original titles are almost all the compositions of Pi Djob. The lead voice caracterized by its “old school” raucity, sometimes smooth, sometimes raspy, delivers powerful lyrics, refined by the extremely accurate arrangements and the pure vocal harmonies of the gang.

Most songs are engaged, at the frontiers of modern African music as reflected by Fela Kuti, Hugh Masekela, Osibisa, or Manu Dibango on the one hand, and on the other hand music of the Kemetic diaspora where Blind Gary Davis, The Neville Brothers, Frankie Beverly (Maze), Toots Hiberts (Toots And The Maytals) or Magnum Band subtly intersect.

The warm pulses of soul music are hammered by the dry beats of the electricity-saturated balafons, the warlike Gwo ka rolls and distant electro loops.

Pi Djob & AfroSoul Gang, in an atypical stage configuration, is musical dynamite ignited by 6 elite musicians:

Emmanuel Pi Djob – lead vocal, guitar, keyboards
Jordan Detouillon – chromatic balafon, guitars, percussions, backing vocals
Melaine Miloon Cogez – chromatic balafon, vibra keys, percussions, backing vocals
Bénilde Foko – musical direction, bass guitar, backing vocals
Sega Seck – drums, percussions, backing vocals
Philippe Hinter – turntables, dj set