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From the south, the wind and the sand, the curls of the water, the sway of the silk, the clean orange blossoms, the magic of the fountain, the joy of the salt?

Of the sound of the islands, of the sensual caress and the sweet cane, of the sap of the leaves, of the lightning, of the beat of the earth, of the skin of the drum and the magnolia...

Fátima Rü presents her latest album, Mar de Lirios, a journey through seascapes and deep feelings.

A round trip that comes from the South and moves between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, a music that navigates between flamenco arias and jazz sounds, copla and bolero. Mar de Lirios is a musical and poetic journey that developed slowly, between silence, desert, delirium and grace, naked solitude and intimate companionship.

It was born from the womb of the Mediterranean, in the Andalusian sea, among the airs of flamenco, and sailed to the Atlantic coasts, where it swings with the warm Caribbean sounds, to return again to its origin. This meeting between the shores has gradually distilled some very personal flamenco songs and what we have called Mediterranean boleros. Mar de Lirios seeks isolation and intimacy in an open landscape.

Fátima Rü - music, lyrics and vocal
Pedro Pedrosa Barquilla - guitar
Raúl Platz - double bass - bass guitar
Juan Carlos Aracil - flute
or/and Manuel Machado - trumpet