MaMou Blues

Project Info

Client MaMou Blues
Skills Guitar & Vocal

Project Description

Power-Trio born thanks to Corey Harris’ initiative which made him call at his side Alvin Youngblood Hart and Cedric Watson. This project was meant to be a debut for an interesting exercise of constant mutability between blues, roots and Cajun music, but always sticking to a true beat matrix that traces back to Africa where everything originated from.
In the end tradition still prevails  and through their basic spontaneity- chiseled by purity of intent and remarkable efforts- their songs renew the enchantment of suggestions and feelings. This also thanks to the interaction between the strings of the acoustic guitars, the violin and the accordion that is beautifully combined with the vocal harmonics of the three bluesmen….. ready to sculpt a work destined to enchant.
On this line – between ballads and up tempo tracks – Corey, Alvin & Cedric give us as a result a work that is finely chiseled and thus completes the impressive artistic stature of the three.  A monolithic work, a stele that not only presents itself as an interpretative device, but also acts as a warning for their future works.

Corey Harris – Guitar/ Vocal
Alvin YoungBlood Hart – Guitar/ Vocal
Cedric Watson – Violin/ Accordeon/ Vocal