Marco Gesualdi Now

Naples opens up to a kindred world. Or, better said, music without boundaries where the guitar of the protagonist makes magic.  Guitarist and composer with a long history behind him (he was among the protagonists of “Vesuwave”) Marco Gesualdi, Neapolitan of Apulian origins, has reached a level of artistic maturity that allows him to go beyond genres and labels. His music is neither fusion nor word music. And his music, solid and calm, sweet without sappiness, finely poetic: it is a distillation of beauty.

A journey in the interplanetary music, that with a meeting of different sounds and poetic texts, gives emotions, images, various colors and beautiful sensations, is the sequence of tracks of the last creature of the polyhedral musician and composer Marco Gesualdi.

Marco Gesualdi guitar, vocal
Simona Boo vocal
Enrico Del Gaudio drums
Guido Russo double bass
Giosi Cincotti piano, accordéon